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our secret is in

The melting

Our secret is in the melting. Refined through the years, it has now become a substantial element of our design.

It starts with raw bullion. Each metal alloy has its own unique melting point, that is, a temperature at which it starts to melt and transforms from solid to liquid state. That's in-between those two aggregations, when the the metal is soft and susceptible enough to be formed with tools. Provided that the core temperature is maintained during the whole process. In other words, you need to keep heating the metal and at the same time be careful not to put too much heat so it doesn't melt. Once the metal has obtained the desired shape, it can be left to solidify and cool down. The ready nugget can be used on its own or furtherly shaped.

The process of manipulating metal is very similar to the phenomenon of flowing hot lava, being formed and solidifying on the surface of the earth.